Hiring Commercial Architects in Sydney

Looking for commercial architects in Sydney? It should be kept in mind that the first step towards designing a high quality building is directly related to hiring a registered commercial architect. So how do you find an architect who is the right fit for your project? The following things would help you make a decision.

Interviewing a commercial architect in Sydney

When trying to find commercial architects in Sydney and how they work, these questions can come in pretty handy.

  • Are they genuinely interested in your project? Get to know what they deem as the most critical and important part of the design process. An architect who takes out time to view your project and shows genuine interest in it should be your first choice. Some architects while ready for more work are often busier with other projects. This might at times hinder their involvement in a particular project.
  • How they plan to approach the project, would they start with a new design or would rather help you make a choice from the designs which they have in the portfolio. Anyone looking to have a commercial space designed often have a vision in mind. Whether it’s unique or something inspired with what they have seen, it’s completely up to the architect how they tackle the project.
  • Who would you be dealing with. Often an architectural firm has a team of architects working upon a single project. You would need to be in constant touch with someone. Get to know if you would be brief about the project and whether your input would be taken from time to time.
  • How do they plan to charge the fee? Whether they take an initial advance payment and the rest after the completion of the project. Some architects prefer taking payments in the form of installments. Chalk out a payment plan which works for both you and your architect to set things on the right foot.
  • Does the architect have a design philosophy? Most architects specialize in designing specific kinds of buildings. While some may concentrate on using sustainable materials or design green buildings, knowing the architects philosophy would help you make a decision when it comes to hiring one who is right for your project.
  • Also choose an architect who has the right kind of experience in designing commercial buildings in Sydney. The fact that thy have designed commercial buildings before allows them to have an edge over their competitors. They have a basic idea of how thing work and what should go where to ensure that you can have a way of maximizing the space.
  • Also when the design process is complete, do not forget to ask the architect to recommend you two or three builders. This is because an architect has a fairly good idea that which builder has the best ability to execute the process and the design of the complete project.


House Painters Melbourne- Why hire a professional painter

Thinking about getting the house painted? Nothing can drastically improve the aesthetics of a home then a fresh coat of paint. Plus it’s a home improvement which can be done under budget as well. Instead of having to invest in costly home improvements, painting is just as effective as giving an immediate face lift to a room. There are quite a few people who may think they can complete the painting on their own. While it’s okay to paint a room or two on your own, for a bigger project it’s advisable to hire professional house painters in Melbourne.

There are quite a few reasons why you should go for house painters servicing Melbourne when it comes to a complete house painting project. Some of these are listed below:

It can help save precious time

Taking on a painting job can be time consuming and requires a great deal of prep work as well. The old paint needs to be removed and the walls should be prepped to receive a fresh coat of paint. Imagine spending hours completing a project and still not being satisfied with the end result. Hiring professionals means that they do all the work while you simply sit back and relax. You could spend all the time doing something more important and which requires more of your attention. Hiring professionals can ease the burden and allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your life.

Better quality work

A painter is trained to handle all kind of paint jobs. Be it exterior painting or interior painting. They have the right kind of experience and knowledge to make sure they do a great job. Also they make use of proper tools which can make their paint job even better. So why not invest a little more and hire professional painters to paint the house. You would definitely be more then pleased with the end result. Nothing can beat a professionally handled job. Just make sure you hire the right house painters in Melbourne.

Better efficiency and attention to detail

A professional painter makes sure that they pay attention to even the minutest of details to ensure that their work is good quality. They are aware of what ratios should be added to get the perfect result. Something which you or any other person might not be too sure about. You don’t want to do all the hard work only to end up having the paint look thin and runny or applied too thick for your liking. So save yourself the trouble and hire a professional for the job. They are much more efficient and know the right kind of products which they can use for a wonderful paint job. Plus they can finish the work way before time.

Keep in mind that painting a house requires more than just a few boxes of paint and paint brushes. There is a whole of other equipment which is required to do the work. A professional has all those tools and equipment. Plus you can even ask for a faux finish which can add extra glamour to the walls.


Green plumbing tips from Gold Coast plumbers

Using the right plumbing techniques can make your home more energy efficient. Following these tips would also help lower the utility bills. Plus another benefit is that it will make your home healthier and green.

Plumbing entails everything from the water and gas pipelines to drainage system and water sewers. There are several ways which can be adapted to make sure that you are able to conserve energy and put it to good use.

While green plumbing can cost a great deal more than regular plumbing, it still has its own benefits. In the long run, it could help cut down the costs. Like any home improvements it might add up to the cost of home maintenance but it has many long term benefits. These include lower utility bills and low water usage.

The following are a few green plumbing tips which plumbers in Gold Coast can help incorporate in your homes.

  • Make use of insulated pipes. Heat escapes from pipes which are not insulated. During the cold weather when the hot water is traveling through the water system most of the heat is lost through the pipes. By the time it reaches your faucets you may not get water which is warm enough. In order to make sure it’s at a comfortable temperature you may increase the heat of the faucet. This results in more energy usage then necessary.
  • Try to install a new water heater system. Old systems often deteriorate over a period of time and make use of more and more energy while still not providing efficient heating. Its better to change the system once you see that it has stopped providing adequate heating.
  • On demand hot water pumps have many benefits. The first being that you get hot water immediately with hot having to wait for it to heat up. The second being hot water is only used till the time you want to. It doesn’t remain sitting in the pipes and getting cold thus saving undue energy wastage.

  • If possible get your water supply tested by the professional plumbers in Gold coast. Have the water filtration systems assessed to ensure they are in proper working order or whether these need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Filtration systems can help keep harmful toxins away from your water supply. It’s one of the best methods to ensure that the water which enters your faucets is free from bacteria and other harmful toxins.
  • Reverse osmosis systems work well too. If your area is prone to poor quality drinking water, this filtration technique can work wonders and help lower the toxicity of the water.
  • Install low flow showers and faucets these can help reduce water usage to quite a great extent, almost about 60%.
  • Low flush toilets also use 40 to 50% less water ten usual toilets. This can help conserve a great deal of water.
  • Last but not the least invest in energy efficient appliances. When buying a washing machine or a dishwasher, ensure that it has a higher energy rating.

Keeping these plumbing tips in mind, would help ensure that your home is energy efficient. To get the best results, hire a Gold Coast plumber to help you in executing these green plumbing steps.

Choosing the best Nursery Wallpaper

Are you soon-to-be parents looking forward to the day when you welcome the new arrival to your home?

If you are, planning your nursery is the top priority. Have you chosen the theme? What is the nursery wallpaper you plan to accent the theme of the nursery?

Nursery wallpaper allows you more creative freedom than painting the walls. Another advantage of nursery wallpaper is the ease of peeling it off when it’s time to update the look.


Choosing the best type of nursery wallpaper


Nursery wallpapers are available in three varieties. Choosing the best that works for your design and need makes it easy to apply and remove.



Think sticker and you get the idea what self-adhesive nursery wallpaper is about. Since the wallpaper is self-adhesive, it means that it does not require any activator to stick it to the walls. Simply remove the back covering and you’re good to go.



Non-pasted nursery wallpaper is a non-adhesive plain paper. This means that you will have to apply an adhesive to the dry wallpaper before you stick it to the wall. This type of nursery wallpaper is the type that becomes a nightmare to remove once it’s stuck to the wall.



This type of nursery wallpaper is dry paper with adhesive. All you need to do is to wet the wallpaper with water and stick it on the wall. The wallpaper is easy to peel off by the time you are ready to do another update to the nursery.


Choosing the best pattern


Repetitive patterns are the smartest choice when the walls of the nursery are not smooth and perfect. Wallpaper patterns with lots of repetition cover any blemishes of any wall.

Tight patterns may look very busy when they are put up on the wall. This in itself is not a bad thing. However, it may look overwhelming when this kind of pattern is used to cover a large wall area.

Stripes that are placed vertically will make the ceiling of the nursery look higher. A wider look to the nursery will be achieved if you place the stripes horizontally.

Choosing the best pattern scale and colour


Blue colour for boys and pink colour for girls is so over. However, go for it by all means if you have your heart set for these gender-type colours.

Gender-neutral colours are the way to go when you want something that is out of the ordinary. Black and white are some of the colours that can provide a bold statement to the walls of the nursery.

As for pattern scale, make it unique from the usual. Choosing bold stripes may be daring, but it can be exciting as well.


Staying within your budget


Often, a wallpaper design that you think would be perfect might also turn out to cost more than you can afford. Creative planning will make you stay within your budget while having your dream wallpaper as well.

Making a statement wall out of that perfect wallpaper design is one way to do it. You can then complement the rest of the walls with a matching wallpaper colour. Or you can put that dream wallpaper on the ceiling instead. Statement ceilings are the IN thing in interior designs nowadays.


Don’t get swayed by someone else when it comes to choosing the best nursery wallpaper. Choosing the best nursery wallpaper should depend on what is best for your child and your budget.


The Many Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring can greatly improve the aesthetics of your home. It’s one of the most economical home improvements which gets great results without breaking the bank. Vinyl flooring is popular because it’s just not beautiful to look at but is extremely durable as well.  Check out why there are more benefits of vinyl plank flooring:

  • Vinyl flooring costs half of what a wooden flooring is going to cost you. You can help save up to thousand dollars if you use vinyl flooring instead of wooden flooring in your homes. This works well for people who are on a budget yet are keen to make some improvements in your home.it is considered as one of the most affordable flooring option.


  • There is a great deal of choice when it comes to vinyl flooring. There are so many patterns and designs you can choose from. If there is a particular look you are interested in you are bound to find it in the catalogue with other endless options.


  • There is also vinyl flooring which actually resembles wood. So if you want to give your floors a luxurious look without having to invest thousands of dollars, it is now possible with the help of vinyl flooring.

  • In fact vinyl flooring can be made to look like tiles and even granite. It’s just depends on what look you are after.


  • It is pretty easy to install as well. When you are about to install new flooring there are just so many things you have got to worry about. The old flooring needs to be taken off and replaced by new one. There is going to be a great deal of repair work and so on. In case of vinyl flooring you don’t have to worry about all this.


  • Vinyl plank flooring is the most durable flooring option. Wooden floors can get wet and get destroyed in the long run. Tiles may lose their shine and become dull and unkempt. Vinyl flooring works well even in the kitchen and the bathrooms as well. What more could be said about the durability of a certain flooring when it can be used just about anywhere.


  • It is also quite low maintenance. This means that any spills on the floor can be wiped off easily.it also doesn’t scratch or wear off easily. Plus it’s pretty easy to clean. What more could one ask for. If you have children at home, vinyl plank flooring is often the best option.


  • Vinyl is also easy on the feet when compared to wood or marble. The slight padding can add a bit of comfort. So you don’t have to worry about tired feet either.


  • Vinyl is water proof. It doesn’t get spoiled or soiled when exposed to moisture.


There are several vinyl flooring options you can choose from. Some start as low as $2 and can go up to $7. Just choose one which fits your budget and choice. Some finishes tend to be more expensive. Just choose what you like best.

Selecting Home Builders in Brisbane

Are you looking for home builders in Brisbane? Selecting a home builder is a decision which you should make after thorough research. It’s not every day that you get your home constructed. The following tips would help you choose the right builder.

Be clear about your needs

Make sure you know exactly what kind of home you are looking for. Not all builders specialize in building modern homes. There are some who concentrate on vintage homes while others might dedicate themselves to luxury homes. Choose a builder based on the kind of home you have in mind. Also there are certain modifications which you would like to be made in the structure and design. Everything should be clear in your mind before you embark on a journey to find the right builder for your home.

Choosing an experienced builder

Experience counts a great deal, especially if you are looking for a specific kind of home. However, don’t rule out a firm just because they are new. Perhaps their team comprises of seasoned pros.

Check referrals

Many builders willingly provide a list of previous customers and references. Do follow up on those references. Get to know whether the customers were satisfied with the services offered. Would they buy another home from the specific builder? Would they recommend the same builder to friends and family?

Get to know if the home builder is licensed and insured

Though not all states require a builder to hold a license, some states do. Working with a licensed builder is the best decision you would make. This is because it can be assumed that such builders are reliable and also registered with the required guild of workmen.

Insurance counts a great deal as well. Hiring someone with insurance means that both you and they are covered throughout the building process.

The warranty and services offered by the builder

When a new home is constructed it is generally assumed that the home and all the products and components in it are under warranty. A builder who is not willing to provide that warranty is someone you would want to steer clear off. Also look for structural warranty on a home. It should be around ten years and no less.

Choose a builder with good reputation

Good builders have good reputations. This is also an indication that they build quality homes which have a good resale value. You can also find the right builder by checking out realtor ads which might mention specific names of builders. Realtors basically choose builders who do quality wok and whose designs speak for them.

Get to know if they belong to the builder’s association. Though being a part of such an organization is not exactly necessary, but this is an indication of the commitment a builder has towards their work.

Tour model homes built by the builder

Model homes are designed by builders to show case their work quality. A model home helps you get an idea of what kind of home can they construct and whether you approve of it design quality.

Keeping these things in mind would help you find the right Brisbane based home builders.




Reviving old floors to look like new ones

Unlike walls, floors go through regular wear and tear leaving some areas more damaged than others. Whether the floor is laid with hardwood, marble or stone, surfaces will begin to look old after years of usage making them appear dull and faded. This aging of the floor is inevitable especially in areas of common use such as entrances, hallways and family rooms. Daily walked on floors begin to lose their luster and shine due to friction and often become discolored. Another reason adding to old looking floors is the accumulation of dirt and grit that wedges in gaps and indentations between the flooring material and within cracks in the material itself. This usually gives a look of an unclean and older floor despite all the household cleaning efforts applied to change that. Before you jump to the conclusion believing you need to get your old floor removed and a new one laid, you should look into floor polishing.

If any of the above descriptions relate to your floor then the answer is simpler than a long, costly and tiring process of replacing the floor. Think about floor polishing. Floor polishing is the process by which the new surface of old floors is revealed using floor polishers and aiding chemicals. They successfully remove dirt and stubborn stains to renew the color and look of the material once again.

The service of floor polishing in Brisbane can easily be availed. A simple call to your nearest floor maintenance service shop will set up your consulting appointment. This appointment is the first step to getting your floors anew. A professional will make his way to your house, have a thorough look at the floors that need attention and investigate the causes. If there is no other external cause like a bug infestation then they can get started on polishing the floor. Before polishing it is important to clear the space so all corners and areas of the floor can be reached. After the area is cleared, a powerful vacuum using both pressure and liquid is used to pick up all the dirt and dust, other small particles and force out any long-term grit for a clean surface to work with. It is important that the floor composition is known before beginning especially since the correct application of chemicals is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. Each floor has its own chemical cleaning agent and intermixing them can result in a damaged floor instead of a clean one. Stone floors such as marble tend to ‘sweat’ overtime leaching mineral contents that would require a different chemical regime when polishing. Conventionally two types of polishers are used depending on the type of place; residential or commercial. A two brush polisher is usually used for homes and effectively shines the surface of floor materials revealing the youthful look long lost hidden underneath.

Floor polishing companies in Brisbane can bring the life back in your old worn out floor as well as save you money by reviving the floor you already have!

Benefits given by Transportable homes Perth

Does the thought of transportable homes in Perth intrigue you? Does the idea of moving your home from one community to another sound amazing?

Transportable homes seem to take Australia by storm since the mining boom a couple of years back. While big cities in the country are still to catch up with this innovative and low-cost housing design, transportable homes are popular in rural areas.

The best thing about transportable homes Perth other than the low cost is that you won’t even feel you’re living in it! Find out what are the benefits of transportable homes over traditional houses by reading the tips below.


 Simple explanations for transportable homes

There are two ways to explain transportable homes, to include:

  • It is a home that has been prefabricated in a factory and delivered on site
  • Its mobile design gives it the ability to be transported to another area

Investing in transportable homes has become the IN thing in Perth and other rural areas of Australia. The home provides the perfect alternative and solution to the housing demands of people relocating to rural areas.


Benefits gained from investing in a transportable home

There are many benefits gained with building and living in a transportable home. It does not matter whether you are in Perth or elsewhere in Australia. Here are some of them:

They are flexible

Flexibility is one of the more obvious benefits given by transportable homes. The ability to move your home in any chosen site can be tantamount to a dream house ideal. Building your home to your specifications and move it to any desired location are benefits that only a transportable home can give.

They are quick to build

Uninterrupted home building by a building team provides a big advantage compared to building on site. Weather conditions can often halt home building. Not with transportable homes. Building inside a warehouse means working on it regardless of weather conditions.

They are cost-effective

A conventional home definitely costs more than a transportable home. This is because of the materials used from connections to fittings. Most of the time, offsite house building costs such as temporary structure rental, transport, council, and labour are lesser. Another advantage is the extra insulation given to transportable homes. This is because the area to place the home is not identified. With the extra insulation, heaters are needed less thereby saving you more on your electric bill.

They are available in two designs

Transportable homes have two options such as custom or standard to choose from. This gives you the chance to choose the design you want. Your creative designs can be integrated with your transportable home. The help coming from an interior designer and an in-house architect makes this all possible.

They are tougher and sturdier

Transportable homes have to be built stronger and sturdier because they have to withstand being moved from one place to another. This means that transportable homes are built stronger than conventional homes. Irregular movement and harsh weather conditions need premium materials. These are all used in transportable home designs. The home is built to stand the test of moving without falling apart.


There are many benefits provided by transportable homes in Perth. The time is right for investing in a movable home that is strong, costs less than conventional homes, and built to your specifications.

Roller Shutters Sydney- Why roller shutters are a good option

If you are thinking about investing in roller shutters, you might want to consider the benefits of installing these. Some of the advantages include:

Roller shutters provide protection

One of the major advantages of roller shutters is that they help make your home secure. It can safeguard your home against intruders. Since roller shutters are attached firmly to doors and windows it’s almost impossible to break these off. Not only do these physically deter burglars to break in but can help safe guard your privacy as well. Since it’s quite difficult to access the doors and windows due to the presence of roller shutters, it can drastically reduce incidences of vandalism as well.

Protection from the sun

In order to protect homes from sun people make use of curtains and blinds. These do stop some of the heat from entering into the homes, but those who live in warm weather can find little respite due to these measures. However, when you install roller shutters these can provide complete protection from the sun. When the shutters are closed they do not allow the heat to seep in and helps keep the home cooler. Foam filled roller shutters can stop 70% of heat entering into the home. On the other hand during cold weather these same foam filled shutters can also prevent the heat from escaping. This is also a great way of saving up on energy bills.

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Another advantage of roller shutters is that these offer protection from extreme weather conditions as well. In case of a hail storm you can completely protect your home by pulling down the roller shutters. During a storm its quite common for windows to become damaged due to impact from the debris or broken branches. Using roller shutters can help prevent this from happening.

Roller shutters unlike blinds of curtains down flutter or rattle when it’s too windy outside. In fact these remain firmly in place. Roller shutters act like insulators, offering complete protection from all sort of elements. The roller shutters are quite sturdy and can withstand winds of 100 kmph and sometimes more as well.

Help save energy

If you are big on energy saving and lowering your carbon footprint on the environment, roller shutters can come in pretty handy. Since roller shutters act like insulators it becomes easier to prevent the cool from escaping. Research has proved that roller shutters can save energy up to 60%.

Easy to operate

Roller shutters are easy to operate. These can be opened or closed manually as well as with the help of a remote control. Roller shutters have an easy mechanism which allows these to be operated with ease.

Help reduce noise

If you live in a busy neighborhood, chances are you might have at some point been disturbed by the honking of a car or children playing noisily. Now you can’t just order everyone off the street, but you can install roller shutters to keep the noise at bay.

After knowing all these benefits, it is time to find out where to get roller shutters in Sydney.


Is Your Architect Charging You More than He Should?


Thinking of making a house for yourself? It can be a very strenuous process. So many factors to think about and plan before anything gets started. It is often a very stressful time from the moment we start meeting architects launceston to draw up plans to the last piece of furniture we install when it’s all done. The whole experience does not come without its hiccups. It is a good idea to do our research before we set off on this journey. While meeting architects, well-known or otherwise, there is one question that looms over our head. “Is my architect charging me more than he should?” Here are a few things to know beforehand so that you walk into that office well informed and confident.

Fee Calculations

Every architect might operate differently but as a norm architects charge on a percentage basis. It could be anywhere from 8 % to 15 % of the total cost of the entire project. It could run up to 20% if it is a remodeling job instead of new construction. So for example for every $10k you would be adding $8-1500 to the fee. An estimated cost of an architect’s fee is about $4000 to $5000. Of course this varies depending on your ideas and vision.



It isn’t a necessity to hire and architect or designer for the entire project. You may want to analyze at what points you need a designer. The longer you hire their services the higher the cost goes for your entire project. You can hire their services in a consultant’s capacity.


Always communicate your budget in the first briefing. It is essential for your architect to not only understand but stick to what you can afford. Ask them to bring up any red flags that might pop up during production. These might even come from you like selecting an expensive material for your flooring.

Other Fees

It is important to realize that you may have to bear other costs that do not come under the architect’s fee. These other consultancy fees might include the town planner’s fee, structural engineer, interior designer, hydraulic engineer etc. So be aware and mindful of who is being paid and under what circumstances.

Decision Making

You must be aware that all the little decisions you make could lead to other decisions that push the cost of your entire project up. For example if you decide you do not want a high ceiling that would mean more finishing, more light installations etc. A decision might seem small but it could be the reason for a chain reaction. Talk to your architect about informing you of any ramifications for all your changes. It is best to make an informed decision rather than regretting it later or being cross at your architect later.

It all comes down to communication. Your relationship with whomever you choose as your designer and architect is the cornerstone of your entire project. Allow you architect to be completely honest with you and vice versa. Remember, the architect is not always responsible for the rise in cost. And not all elevations in cost mean higher profit for the architect. Plan beforehand and be involved in the entire process to avoid any surprises. Good Luck!