Roller Shutters Sydney- Why roller shutters are a good option

If you are thinking about investing in roller shutters, you might want to consider the benefits of installing these. Some of the advantages include:

Roller shutters provide protection

One of the major advantages of roller shutters is that they help make your home secure. It can safeguard your home against intruders. Since roller shutters are attached firmly to doors and windows it’s almost impossible to break these off. Not only do these physically deter burglars to break in but can help safe guard your privacy as well. Since it’s quite difficult to access the doors and windows due to the presence of roller shutters, it can drastically reduce incidences of vandalism as well.

Protection from the sun

In order to protect homes from sun people make use of curtains and blinds. These do stop some of the heat from entering into the homes, but those who live in warm weather can find little respite due to these measures. However, when you install roller shutters these can provide complete protection from the sun. When the shutters are closed they do not allow the heat to seep in and helps keep the home cooler. Foam filled roller shutters can stop 70% of heat entering into the home. On the other hand during cold weather these same foam filled shutters can also prevent the heat from escaping. This is also a great way of saving up on energy bills.

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Another advantage of roller shutters is that these offer protection from extreme weather conditions as well. In case of a hail storm you can completely protect your home by pulling down the roller shutters. During a storm its quite common for windows to become damaged due to impact from the debris or broken branches. Using roller shutters can help prevent this from happening.

Roller shutters unlike blinds of curtains down flutter or rattle when it’s too windy outside. In fact these remain firmly in place. Roller shutters act like insulators, offering complete protection from all sort of elements. The roller shutters are quite sturdy and can withstand winds of 100 kmph and sometimes more as well.

Help save energy

If you are big on energy saving and lowering your carbon footprint on the environment, roller shutters can come in pretty handy. Since roller shutters act like insulators it becomes easier to prevent the cool from escaping. Research has proved that roller shutters can save energy up to 60%.

Easy to operate

Roller shutters are easy to operate. These can be opened or closed manually as well as with the help of a remote control. Roller shutters have an easy mechanism which allows these to be operated with ease.

Help reduce noise

If you live in a busy neighborhood, chances are you might have at some point been disturbed by the honking of a car or children playing noisily. Now you can’t just order everyone off the street, but you can install roller shutters to keep the noise at bay.

After knowing all these benefits, it is time to find out where to get roller shutters in Sydney.


Is Your Architect Charging You More than He Should?


Thinking of making a house for yourself? It can be a very strenuous process. So many factors to think about and plan before anything gets started. It is often a very stressful time from the moment we start meeting architects launceston to draw up plans to the last piece of furniture we install when it’s all done. The whole experience does not come without its hiccups. It is a good idea to do our research before we set off on this journey. While meeting architects, well-known or otherwise, there is one question that looms over our head. “Is my architect charging me more than he should?” Here are a few things to know beforehand so that you walk into that office well informed and confident.

Fee Calculations

Every architect might operate differently but as a norm architects charge on a percentage basis. It could be anywhere from 8 % to 15 % of the total cost of the entire project. It could run up to 20% if it is a remodeling job instead of new construction. So for example for every $10k you would be adding $8-1500 to the fee. An estimated cost of an architect’s fee is about $4000 to $5000. Of course this varies depending on your ideas and vision.



It isn’t a necessity to hire and architect or designer for the entire project. You may want to analyze at what points you need a designer. The longer you hire their services the higher the cost goes for your entire project. You can hire their services in a consultant’s capacity.


Always communicate your budget in the first briefing. It is essential for your architect to not only understand but stick to what you can afford. Ask them to bring up any red flags that might pop up during production. These might even come from you like selecting an expensive material for your flooring.

Other Fees

It is important to realize that you may have to bear other costs that do not come under the architect’s fee. These other consultancy fees might include the town planner’s fee, structural engineer, interior designer, hydraulic engineer etc. So be aware and mindful of who is being paid and under what circumstances.

Decision Making

You must be aware that all the little decisions you make could lead to other decisions that push the cost of your entire project up. For example if you decide you do not want a high ceiling that would mean more finishing, more light installations etc. A decision might seem small but it could be the reason for a chain reaction. Talk to your architect about informing you of any ramifications for all your changes. It is best to make an informed decision rather than regretting it later or being cross at your architect later.

It all comes down to communication. Your relationship with whomever you choose as your designer and architect is the cornerstone of your entire project. Allow you architect to be completely honest with you and vice versa. Remember, the architect is not always responsible for the rise in cost. And not all elevations in cost mean higher profit for the architect. Plan beforehand and be involved in the entire process to avoid any surprises. Good Luck!

How to sleep at the home of famous architects in Rotterdam

Have you always dreamed of sleeping in an alternative hotel? Do you like to follow cultural and artistic trends? Do you follow the projects of the leading international architects with passion? Here again is a novelty that comes from the land of tulips, to be precise from Rotterdam : with the initiative Wake up in architecture, launched in conjunction with the Architecture Biennale ( International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam – IABR 2016, will be held from April 23rd to July at Fenixloods, in the district of Katendrecht) it will be possible to sleep at the home of famous architects, who will provide rooms in their own homes or in their architecture studios. So we do not use hotel rooms, but lived places where architects develop projects or usually live.

The project was born on the initiative of Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in it, whose mission is to link city events to direct experiences with artists or with the protagonists participating in the events themselves. In addition to Wake up in architecture , Hotel Rotterdam organizes other similar events, in which there is the possibility of sleeping in the homes of artists, musicians, painters, etc.

After all, the format works and just change the name, as in the case of the Hotel Rotterdam Wake up in Jazz (in this case, the guests who provide rooms in their homes are musicians), and so on for Wake Up in Art , Wake Up in Cultuur, Wake Up in Poetry (and therefore accommodation related to exponents of art, culture, poetry).

The goal of Wibbine Kien and Judith van den Berg , the creators of Wake up in it, is to create unique and unrepeatable situations, giving life to exclusive experiences, in which the visitor can live in close contact with the artists and their style of life. The two girls, who can be contacted online or find, with their cube-reception-information point that resembles a miniature hotel, in the main art events taking place in Rotterdam (but not only, the format is exportable) also elsewhere).

To sleep at the home of famous architects, you need to book rooms online and the idea behind the concept is not to simply promote an overnight stay in an unusual location, but go further: at the time of booking, in fact, in addition to the classics personal data through a system of questions and questionnaires will be in fact identified your profile that will be associated (the so-called match ) to the architect that is more similar, in order to create a unique experience and a two-way exchange. And, only at that point, you will know the address of your accommodation in Rotterdam. In any case, selected architects participate in the project not only for their notoriety, but also for the willingness to interface with guests.

Among the 25 architects and artists who have given their availability to the initiative stand out the names of Fancine Houben and Robert Winkel , the first founder of Mecanoo, study with dozens of international projects active and the second founder of the MEI Studies, focused in transformation of industrial buildings and in the development of innovative projects, such as Schiecentrale 4B in Rotterdam.

The experience is really unusual and innovative, and the costs for accommodation are average of a good hotel: taxes included, a single room costs € 90 while a double room € 140 . Payment must be made in advance, each room is obviously different from the other and the seats are limited.

But there’s more: in addition to breakfast, included in the price of the room, there is a meeting with the host architect. A great opportunity for those who appreciate and admire the new architectural course of the Netherlands!


When it comes to renovating your home , the moment is certainly characterized by great stress that involves you and all the owners of the property. Not only does the thought run for money to invest in restructuring, but the fear, more than justified, concerns the result. And if it did not come out well? And if this local instead of doing it this way we did it as we said at the beginning? And if we furnish in Nordic style and not with classic furniture? All these questions (and many others) have certainly flashed in the mind of those who have lived or are experiencing the renovation of the house. To try to minimize problems from the root, the best thing is to choose an architect who can follow the whole process, indicating times, costs and ways of proceeding.

A professional figure to help you: the architect
The architect is the professional figure who can help you with the renovation of your home. The common thought is directed towards a character full of creativity, whimsical, unable to hear the opinion of others, but the reality is very different and a good architect is none of this. It must consider your needs, listen to your opinions, share your ideas with you, submit any problems and advise possible solutions. He is not a theoretician, he is not a figure who only thinks on abstract concepts, but he is the one who absolutely needs to have an approach aimed at practice. He must be endowed with a very high quality able to distinguish him from other figures and other people: the ability to imagine spaces even before they exist. This is the true essence of the architect’s profession. He must see realized in his head how the kitchen will be, how the bathroom will become, how the tavern will be, imagining everything in a practical key, with the furnishings and the present technology. This last concept does not stand out from the architect’s skills.

He must be updated on what the companies in the sector offer in terms of tiles, bathroom fixtures, bathroom furniture, living room furniture, storage and storage solutions and everything related to the habitability of the house, without neglecting the structural aspects . Surveyors, technicians, plant designers, are also important presences, but have nothing to do with the professional you are describing.

In a space that the architect must see as functional to the daily life of the family, he has the task of transforming into reality what he himself has only imagined with concreteness.

A trusted consultant
The first component to look at in an architect is trust. He, for a certain period of time, will become your consultant and you must give him space, but also you must also receive his trust. The relationship is therefore equal: you must trust him and him of you. However, it is not always easy and often we have to deal with divergences of ideas, verbal conflicts and doubts of different kinds.
The architect’s research can be done by word of mouth, through knowledge or by research from authoritative sources.
By creating empathy between you and the architect, you can make it work well in the collaborative environment, but if there is no harmony, everything becomes more complex and difficult.

That architects are “strange” as they are often defined, can also be true, but it is the fruit of their creativity, of their way of seeing things in advance. There are professional figures who prove eccentric, particularly fanciful, extremely fussy and meticulous. Before proceeding with the work, you must talk to him, invite him for an inspection in the house to be renovated and discuss your ideas and then put them in relation to his.

A valid professional usually makes use of a photographic collection of his work. Ask them without fear of showing you images of what you have done in the past so that you can also get an idea of ​​the architect’s style and working method. Flipping through a photo album or seeing the images on a tablet or a laptop, a light bulb in your head may come on and make you think of an implementable solution in your home.