Using a Printed Marquee for Your Next Corporate Event

Have you considered using a printed marquee for your corporate events? Marquees can be used for different events and not just corporate ones.  In fact these are now commonly used at sports festivals and incase of sponsorship opportunities as well. It actually depends upon how and when one might want to make use of a printed marquee. These marquees can be customized in any color and design. Not only does it help with the branding but can actually add aesthetics to the area these are being used at.

Designing a printed marquee

When it comes to a printed marquee you don’t need to go through the whole design process on your own. In fact you could contact a supplier who deals in providing customized marquees. For this you just need to head over to their office with the logo of your business or company. You would be shown a variety of design options which could be customized to different color. Choose one which appeal to you and present them with your logo. The rest is then handled by the printing experts and they would show you a soft copy of what the marquee would actually look like with your logo printed on it. If the look appeals to you, you could then approve it and give it a go ahead.

The design process doesn’t have to be paid for. You simply need to pay for the marquee and that’s it. Customizing a marquee is inclusive in what the marquee is actually going to cost you.

Normally it takes about six to seven day for the marquee to be designed and worked on before it reaches you. On the other hand if you are looking for a simple marquee which doesn’t require being customized you can simply have it delivered to your place in two or three days.

Things to keep in mind when buying a printed marquee

When you buy a printed and branded marquee for corporate events, keep the following things in mind :

  • Make sure that the marquee you buy is water proof. This would help ensure that in ace it rain, things remain dry for those at the event. No one want to be oaked to the bone when all dressed up.
  • The marquee should be fire proof as well. This would help guarantee the safety of all those who attend your event.
  • Get to know if the supplier is willing to offer a warranty. Anything below five years shouldn’t be accepted. After all it’s going to be used for outdoor events and it’s necessary that it’s sturdy enough to weather all kind of outdoor conditions.
  • If you plan on getting pictures printed on the marquee its important these are actually high quality images. You don’t want the pictures looking blurry or pixelated. It would in effect spoil the complete look of the marquee.
  • The marquee should be designed form good quality material. This would help ensure that it’s sturdy enough.
  • Setting up a marquee is best handled by a professional. Make sure that you talk to your event planner about setting up the marquee.

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