Benefits of retractable rollout caravan awnings

Extending your space as well as protecting you from the direct rays of the sun is the practical purposes provided by awnings. Spaces become more personalised when you use an awning to create an instant corridor, porch or patio.

Awnings serve a great purpose in creating temporary but relaxing spaces on the go. While there are fixed awnings, using rollout caravan awnings provide the perfect solution for temporary abode or spaces.

Being able to roll or draw back the awning is the outstanding flexibility provided by rollout caravan awnings. The sun can still be enjoyed during the winter by simply rolling back the awning. During summer, rolling the awning out provides good protection from the harmful UV rays.

However, between retractable and non-retractable awnings, the automated models provide ease and convenience like no other. Here are the reasons why:



The retractability function is probably the greatest feature provided by rollout caravan awnings. Having done with the use of the awning is simply drawing it back.

The mechanism of a hand crank is with manual awning models. A clockwise and anti-clockwise manual winding opens and closes the awning. Several awning manufacturers have made the task easier by designing remote-controlled rollout caravan awnings. Opting for the remote-controlled model makes the task easier and convenient every time the awning needs to be drawn back or rolled out.

Effective design with the remote-controlled rollout awning models

The simple press of a button to draw back or roll out the awning makes the remote-controlled awning model highly effective than the non-retractable ones. Non-retractable awnings need standing poles which is no longer included with the retractable ones. Often, views are blocked by the poles and can be quite difficult to set up.


Quick and hassle-free installation

Quick and hassle-free installation is with the automated rollout awning models. Two people can easily install retractable awnings because of the rolled fabric feature.

Non-retractable awnings, on the other hand, need more than two people to set up. Other than the poles that have to be set up, the unfolded fabric make it unruly for one to two persons to do.


Energy savings

The caravan’s interior temperature becomes easily regulated with the help of a retractable awning. For instance, cooling the interior of the caravan is achieved by rolling out the awning.

Pulling down the awning during winter provides extra protection from the cold. The savings gained from heating and cooling make the retractable awning bang for your buck.


Instantly creates extra space

Creating extra space is very important during camping trips. Using a rollout awning instantly creates extra space for sleeping, eating, socialising or relaxing. The extra space can also be used to store extra camping equipment, making the rollout awning the best piece of equipment to have in all types of outdoor activities.


Provides shade from the sun

Excessive sunlight can be prevented from entering a room or the interior of a caravan when a rollout awning is installed on a window. The shade provided by the awning provides the best protection from the hot rays of the sun.


One of the trendiest additions to a home or a caravan is provided by rollout awnings. The wide range of purposes provided by the awnings makes them the perfect accessory to have for camping trips or entertaining in the patio of your home. Learn more about the types of retractable rollout caravan awnings by visiting an awnings manufacturer.


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