Choosing the best Nursery Wallpaper

Are you soon-to-be parents looking forward to the day when you welcome the new arrival to your home?

If you are, planning your nursery is the top priority. Have you chosen the theme? What is the nursery wallpaper you plan to accent the theme of the nursery?

Nursery wallpaper allows you more creative freedom than painting the walls. Another advantage of nursery wallpaper is the ease of peeling it off when it’s time to update the look.


Choosing the best type of nursery wallpaper


Nursery wallpapers are available in three varieties. Choosing the best that works for your design and need makes it easy to apply and remove.



Think sticker and you get the idea what self-adhesive nursery wallpaper is about. Since the wallpaper is self-adhesive, it means that it does not require any activator to stick it to the walls. Simply remove the back covering and you’re good to go.



Non-pasted nursery wallpaper is a non-adhesive plain paper. This means that you will have to apply an adhesive to the dry wallpaper before you stick it to the wall. This type of nursery wallpaper is the type that becomes a nightmare to remove once it’s stuck to the wall.



This type of nursery wallpaper is dry paper with adhesive. All you need to do is to wet the wallpaper with water and stick it on the wall. The wallpaper is easy to peel off by the time you are ready to do another update to the nursery.


Choosing the best pattern


Repetitive patterns are the smartest choice when the walls of the nursery are not smooth and perfect. Wallpaper patterns with lots of repetition cover any blemishes of any wall.

Tight patterns may look very busy when they are put up on the wall. This in itself is not a bad thing. However, it may look overwhelming when this kind of pattern is used to cover a large wall area.

Stripes that are placed vertically will make the ceiling of the nursery look higher. A wider look to the nursery will be achieved if you place the stripes horizontally.

Choosing the best pattern scale and colour


Blue colour for boys and pink colour for girls is so over. However, go for it by all means if you have your heart set for these gender-type colours.

Gender-neutral colours are the way to go when you want something that is out of the ordinary. Black and white are some of the colours that can provide a bold statement to the walls of the nursery.

As for pattern scale, make it unique from the usual. Choosing bold stripes may be daring, but it can be exciting as well.


Staying within your budget


Often, a wallpaper design that you think would be perfect might also turn out to cost more than you can afford. Creative planning will make you stay within your budget while having your dream wallpaper as well.

Making a statement wall out of that perfect wallpaper design is one way to do it. You can then complement the rest of the walls with a matching wallpaper colour. Or you can put that dream wallpaper on the ceiling instead. Statement ceilings are the IN thing in interior designs nowadays.


Don’t get swayed by someone else when it comes to choosing the best nursery wallpaper. Choosing the best nursery wallpaper should depend on what is best for your child and your budget.


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