Reviving old floors to look like new ones

Unlike walls, floors go through regular wear and tear leaving some areas more damaged than others. Whether the floor is laid with hardwood, marble or stone, surfaces will begin to look old after years of usage making them appear dull and faded. This aging of the floor is inevitable especially in areas of common use such as entrances, hallways and family rooms. Daily walked on floors begin to lose their luster and shine due to friction and often become discolored. Another reason adding to old looking floors is the accumulation of dirt and grit that wedges in gaps and indentations between the flooring material and within cracks in the material itself. This usually gives a look of an unclean and older floor despite all the household cleaning efforts applied to change that. Before you jump to the conclusion believing you need to get your old floor removed and a new one laid, you should look into floor polishing.

If any of the above descriptions relate to your floor then the answer is simpler than a long, costly and tiring process of replacing the floor. Think about floor polishing. Floor polishing is the process by which the new surface of old floors is revealed using floor polishers and aiding chemicals. They successfully remove dirt and stubborn stains to renew the color and look of the material once again.

The service of floor polishing in Brisbane can easily be availed. A simple call to your nearest floor maintenance service shop will set up your consulting appointment. This appointment is the first step to getting your floors anew. A professional will make his way to your house, have a thorough look at the floors that need attention and investigate the causes. If there is no other external cause like a bug infestation then they can get started on polishing the floor. Before polishing it is important to clear the space so all corners and areas of the floor can be reached. After the area is cleared, a powerful vacuum using both pressure and liquid is used to pick up all the dirt and dust, other small particles and force out any long-term grit for a clean surface to work with. It is important that the floor composition is known before beginning especially since the correct application of chemicals is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. Each floor has its own chemical cleaning agent and intermixing them can result in a damaged floor instead of a clean one. Stone floors such as marble tend to ‘sweat’ overtime leaching mineral contents that would require a different chemical regime when polishing. Conventionally two types of polishers are used depending on the type of place; residential or commercial. A two brush polisher is usually used for homes and effectively shines the surface of floor materials revealing the youthful look long lost hidden underneath.

Floor polishing companies in Brisbane can bring the life back in your old worn out floor as well as save you money by reviving the floor you already have!

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