Facts about undergoing a building inspection in the Gold Coast

What is a building inspection?

Building inspection works are done by building inspectors, who in their professional judgment, can determine whether a building has met the building code requirements. They have the power to order the stoppage of construction until all the requirements are met. They can also order for a building to be demolished if the building is found to be unfit and unsafe for living.

Who is a building inspector?

A building inspector is somebody hired by a city council, a township or county, with qualifications and can make a professional judgment whether a building is safe and meets the building code requirement. If there is a shortcoming, they can order the construction to be halted or order the demolition of the same without further notice. They are professionals certified as residential or commercial building inspectors by relevant engineering bodies.

Why inspect a building?

Building inspectors are contacted by managers to inspect and assess the structural designs and proposals following civic design modification. Inspections normally required by the city council, county councils, and other relevant bodies to carry out inspection and give a comprehensive report. When it comes to building a dilapidation assessment, a building inspector is contacted to give a report, and professional judgment before and after construction is underway. The aftermath of floods, whirlwinds, hurricanes and other extreme environments which are harsh triggers a building inspector to be contacted to carry out an inspection on the remaining rooms or dilapidated walls to establish the extent of the damages caused and whether the remaining buildings are still safe to settle back in. On a storey building, they are charged to ascertain if the storey building is still safe for people. Other roles of a building inspector investigate buildings built without following proper building guidelines. When you notice a crack on the wall, don’t wait long before contacting a building inspector to give guidance on the same. In some cases, repair construction may be ordered, and in other instances, the demolition of the building is preferred.

What do building inspectors cover?

As a building inspector, you are expected to cover some of the following aspects of building and construction.

  • All the electrical works on the building to find out whether the standards were followed during the wireman ship and if the procedures were not followed, order restructuring to ensure safety.
  • Inspects all the drainage systems and how the plumbing workmanship has been incorporated to meet the minimum standards.
  • The building inspector is supposed to test the status of windows and doors, to ascertain their strength and durability is enough for the size of the building.
  • Fitting and fixtures within a home are inspected to ensure that they are fitted in place, and no potential dangers from falling.
  • The building inspector is tasked to ensure that all the joinery in the kitchen area in a good state
  • The building inspector will inspect the walls to ensure that there are no weak points and nor cracks caused during the wall settling back.
  • They ensure that the driveways and parking lot are in good condition.
  • Retaining walls in case of disaster and recovery, they will tell us whether some of the remaining walls are fit to be reconstructed or they should be demolished and start afresh.
  • The building inspector will make sure that outbuildings and the concrete perimeter wall are strong and safe from collapsing.
  • The building inspector will check the guttering and plumbing to ensure smooth drainage systems.

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