Join the IYL2015 Opening Ceremony at UNESCO

last update 17 January 2015

You can participate in IYL2015 Opening Ceremony at UNESCO! On 19 and 20 January tweet about Lighting Design with ‪#‎IYL2015‬ and ‪#‎LRO‬. Your tweets will be featured live on a digital map! You can also watch the ceremony live: mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_1_en.wmv

Lighting-Related Organizations will represent Lighting Designers, Educators and Students in Paris. Only with the contribution of everyone we can raise awareness of Lighting Design. Join in and help make the IYL2015 something to remember!

Updates on the L-RO members and the events for IYL 2015 will be communicated via Facebook and via Twitter: please follow #LRO, #IYL2015


L-RO Official Partner of IYL 2015

last update 07 December 2014

Lighting-Related Organizations has been recognized as an Official Partner of the United Nations International Year of Light 2015 under the patronage of UNESCO

L-RO shares the goals of UNESCO for 2015, such as highlighting to the citizens the importance of light, optical technologies and lighting design in their lives, for their futures and for the development of society. Lighting-Related Organizations will enhance international cooperation in this direction, by organizing events, providing contents and the occasion to gather

L-RO is honoured and proud to support the IYL and UNESCO, also with its extraordinary Official Activities Program, which is in itself a proof of the creativity, commitment, passion and professionalism of the Lighting-Related People.

Updates on the L-RO members and the events for IYL 2015 will be communicated via Facebook and via Twitter: please follow #LRO, #IYL2015


Official Activities Program | L-RO for IYL2015

last update 23 November 2014

The organization included in L-RO invited their members to participate in a Call for Ideas, to generate a collective programme of activities and initiatives for the IYL2015. The events cover social, technical, educational, cultural and artistic approach to the light and its technology. Some Ideas are worthwhile and replicable elsewhere, so these will become a format and will help other colleagues in raising awareness for Lighting Design!

All the selected proposals will have international spread, through the members of L-RO, will be given privileged publication opportunities in the press and general media coverage from all over the world, in 2015. The Official Activities Program by L-RO for IYL2015 includes these events and the already planned activities by L-RO associations and universities.

The International Year of Light 2015 will be a terrific occasion for the recognition of the strategic value of Lighting Design and Education.


Lighting-Related Organizations | L-RO

last update 23 November 2014

Lighting-Related Organizations (L-RO) represent the broad global professional community of people who work with light and lighting in the built environment. In particular, Lighting Design is a profession with special qualities, knowledge and competences that gives its practitioners a unique field of work, not incorporated in any other profession.

The body of know-how and experience of Lighting Designers incorporates the understanding and application of the physics of light, photometric calculation and measurements, design skills, project management, collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, use of the latest technology and social responsibilities regarding the impact of light on humans, economy and the environment. Lighting designers and lighting educators are also key figures in educating the public about light, lighting quality, and the interactions of light and human behavior, comfort, and productivity.

upcoming event
We Love Light

13 February - 13 March 2015

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Milan, Italy

We Love Light
Lighting Designers #WeLoveLight - Bad first Impression are common as online dating, but this is not just another bad first date story. The provocation is the instrument through which we intend ...

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